Question 2: What is the Context?:

On the global level, the elitist system uses a disproportionate amount of the total world’s resources to serve a minority of humanity (see Image 1: World Map). For example, the ‘top’ 100 universities are concentrated in the richest areas of the world – i.e. on the east and west coasts of the US; in Western Europe; and in some countries on the Pacific Rim. The most highly resourced areas are North America and Western Europe with 5% and 12% of humanity respectively. At the same time, the elitist system neglects the majority of humanity. For example, there are no ‘top’ universities in the poorest areas of the world where over 80% of humanity live – i.e. in South America (9%), Africa (15%) and Asia (60% minus some exceptions on the Pacific Rim).

On the local level, the elitist system prioritizes university education over universal access in every country in the world. However, the epitome of the elitist system exists in England. Edukit therefore seeks to address the critical need—help to build an egalitarian educational system, by focusing on possible development in England, in an area the elitist system has neglected for decades (see Image 2: Map of the Dukeries Thinkbelt).


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